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Isidora’s work is based on the investigation of sound, starting with the acoustic cello, and developing through amplification, and more recently into analogue synthesizers, vocals and texts. This may be thought of as a geography full of fissures and hidden retreats. The friction, the pressure, the harmonics, the blows, the intervention with objects in the strings, a search for melodies and tones, transform the cello into a poetic body that looks for a story in sound. Her interests are focused on searching in the spectrum of improvised music, in the fields of dance, movement, human voice and its philosophical relations with space, text, time and audience.


She has been part of ensembles such as Ensamble Taller de Música Contemporánea U.C and the Goethe Institut Project “Ensemble Nuevo” and participated in festivals worldwide such as Ars Nova Festival, Ravensburg; Ende Tymes Festival of Noise, New York; Mopomoso Concert Series, Iklectik Ballistik, London; Dara String Festival, Suture Soven, Berlin, and collaborated with improvisers and ensembles in Chile and overseas, such as London Experimental Ensemble.


She has composed music for the dance and theater works “Paisajes” by choreographer Paula Sacur, “Un uno de a dos”, by choreographer Teresa Prieto. At present, she is working on experimental songs, combining the use of the cello with the voice, text, and analogue electronics.


Isidora is currently a PhD researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

She holds a MMus in Creative Practice from Goldsmiths, and is a graduate in Music Performance from the P. Universidad Católica de Chile. 

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