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Illegitimates is a resistance. An adventure of friction and ideas that have been illuminated by years of friendship and unexpected meetings around the globe.

Illegitimates was formed in Santiago de Chile in December 2014.  Illegitimates explores the sounds of two wooden instruments. 

Through using classical techniques but also through preparations of  their instruments and extended techniques, the duo seek to express  themselves as fully as possible and create a solid, explosive and  striking sound. They have played concerts in Chile and London.

Elsa Bergman / DoublebassPlayer in freeJazz and improvised music 

from Stockholm, Sweden.  She plays in the free jazz sextet "Anna 

Högberg Attack" with whom she recorded an album on swedish label 

Omlott, and also plays in the high-energy improvising quartet 

"Festen" that recently released their debut album on the Portuguise 

label Clean Feed, and her own quartet "Elsas Eget Omdöme". In 2014 she was awarded with the prize "The Newcomer of theYear" by Swedish radio.

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