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“Paisajes”  "Landscapes" is the scenic construction of body drawings and sounds  that represent a certain extension of the ground of the female body that speaks in different levels, positioning itself from a playful and ironic look, visiting different clichés of the female role. The clichés of innocence, femininity and vulnerability are manipulated, inverting them to transform them into tools of power.

"It is an overwhelmingly feminine and sarcastic work performed by two dancers (Paula Sacur and Francisca Sazie) and a cellist (Isidora Edwards), which shows a certain power of women when they take a positive perspective of their condition, regardless of what it is. A versatile piece that would adapt to the format of any forum. The choreographic design and the musical creation have the same relevance. The costumes are simple, but the lighting by itself, without stage elements, creates very specific settings. With "Paisajes" we have a portable piece, enigmatic and full of talent, "says Alejandra Monroy, art critic, Mexico.

The work has been presented in:  “Encuentro Coreográfico Sala Arrau” at Teatro Municipal de Santiago, 2014 ; the 13th version of the Danzalborde International Festival -2014-, in Valparaíso, the 4th Dança Á Deriva 2016 Version, Sao Paulo Brazil and at had a dance season at  Centro Cultural Matucana 100 , Santiago 2017.

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